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    Petites I Meet: ‘Lena from Sweden’

    INTERVIEW WITH LENA: How tall are you? 5 feet. 150 cm What is the best thing about being petite? People say I’ small and cute, people find me very friendly and not scared of me. What is the worst thing about being petite? Not being able to reach things and not being able to buy clothes and shoes. What is the hardest outfit to find? Definitely pants! I’ve never bought a pair of pants I’ve never had to hem. My mum (who lives in Sweden) would usually hem pants for me or there’s an alterations place in city where I go. I really should learn to hem, as it’s really…

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    ….i’m back and discovered yellow!

    i use the yellow crayon first by petite-stylist featuring striped handbags Mar Y Sol striped handbag£75 – fashion-conscience.com petite Oversized Baggy Tie Dress£59 – kandycollective.com Mikado£145 – pretty-small-shoes.com Brooch€4,95 – gemfrance.com Sooo… I’ve been away for a very long time. Where? I’m not too sure to be honest. Just out and about and discovering things, like, yellow! Seems to be the first colour I look at lately. I never used to give yellow a go. It has a bit to do with my worries of it looking bad on my skin tone. But, with the right hue of yellow, it can look very darling indeed. I find if I am more tanned this time of year (Aussie summer!!…

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    My Island Getaway

    While I was on my down time from doing blogging and stuff, I managed to have a little island getaway in the southern part of Philippines… Boracay. Unfortunately, the weather was not always beautiful like the in postcards, it rained, it poured. I was completely soaked in a white dress, so I ran to the nearest market stall and picked up this dress for 200 peso, equivalent to around $4.50. That made me really happy! market stall dress 200p hat from accessorize J.L x