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    Out Come the Burberry’s

    Most people don’t enjoy the rain. I bet you would, if your rain boots were as fun as mine. Loving the puddles in my Burberry Haymarket Check Rain Boots 🙂 rain boots – burberry white tee – miss shop denim cutoffs – bardot sunglasses – marc by marc jacobs necklace – lovisa

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    Neon + Leather for Petites

    Hello lovelies! Sorry – I know it has been a ridiculously long time since my last blog post. But you ought to know by now, I’m a bit seasonal like that. I have a great run, then I get side-tracked onto other projects. But hey, at least I seem to come back. 🙂 What’s new since September 2012? I’ve hardly gone shopping – Then saved $! There was Christmas and New Year Played by the beach and pool Got more tanned… Gadget-wise – The BF got me an iPad mini (How fitting for a petite? Love!!) OK, so I don’t have a good enough or busy enough schedule to excuse…

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    Welcome to Australia!

    So… I am here, in the Great Down Under. I have been keeping low key because, well… I felt a bit sad about missing London. Also, I was keeping low key because my boxes full of clothes and shoes hadn’t arrived until recently. I was living out of a near empty suitcase for 3 weeks. It was difficult. We opted to send via air-freight as opposed to cargo ship because that would have taken months and no girl wants to wait too long for their beloved clothes and shoes. When my things arrived everything was fine except for my favourite little black and white Topshop bag… I will need to…