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    Petite Peplum, Lady Gaga-Style

    When it comes to all sorts of trends you can always rely on petite super-celeb, Lady Gaga, to take it a step further. Or a million steps. Take for example in this case, the ‘peplum’. Our petite style queen, Lady Gaga, wears the exaggerated shoulders with a wide-fanned-out peplum detail top – not to mention she gets away with wearing no pants, like, all the time! (when would it be OK for me??) – while all us regular fashionistas would opt for something a little more subtle, pretty and wearable – Like the petite peplum skirt on Asos. Although I wouldn’t spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a top that would…

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    Oroton ‘Entourage Tote’

    Totally lusting over Oroton ‘Entourage Tote’ (in hot pink, of course!) which I saw in David Jones. In store the tote comes with a gorgeous black and cream satin scarf, however Oroton online it’s not included. For $AUD 295 I’d want the scarf too! This is the perfect sized tote for petites. It’s got that strong structured look, without being overly huge in size. The handle is a good length for hooking onto your arm or holding onto to. There’s plenty of space for all the essentials like… Purse, mirror, lipstick, Lucas Pawpaw, mints and your smartphone. I think this luxury Australian label has come a long way over the…

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    Petite Holiday Outfit

    Holiday’s are the best, aren’t they? But it’s choosing the outfits to pack that can be a struggle. It’s comforting to know in some cases you can always buy the outfits at your holiday destination- I know it’s cheeky but sometimes I can’t help myself.  Hehehe. First thing to think about I guess would be, what are you packing for? In my case I packed for a tropical summer holiday to Leyte, Cebu and Boracay in the Philippines. Oh and did we holiday! When I was in Cebu I did a little bit of shopping at the Ayala mall and made a visit to Topshop! I went straight to the…

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    7/8 Pants

    I used to hate shopping for office work pants. too long. too wide. saggy butt. all around terrible fit. The list goes on and you know it… Thankfully I’ve discovered 7/8th length pants, which are in trend for taller ladies. Oh what a saviour! Although they’re meant to end 7/8th of the way down my legs, they fit nicely by my ankles and that’s all I care about. If you live in Australia and need a good place to buy work pants to fit petites, hit up Portmans Pant Bar.  Portmans is Australia’s answer to the UK’s Dorothy Perkins high st store, minus a petite range. So for the meantime, a…

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    Fierce Fashion or Just Plain Weird?

    When it comes to fancy footwear this has got to be one of the weirdest designs I’ve seen. It kinda creeps me out with the four protruding segments (the toes) and the black crystals as tallons on each. This is certainly taking ‘fierce fashion’ to a whole other level. Soon it will be a trend to wear skirts with an attached tail- Just saying. Then again if you can afford the £4,000 price tag (it’s guessed to be about) or you’re a celebrity who’s told what to wear and have no regrets and don’t care if you won’t ever wear them again, then I guess why not? Actually there are…

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    Easy Petite Style, Rachel Bilson Inspired

    I’m not shy about the fact that I love the 5″2 Rachel Bilson, I think her style- the boho chic thing, is a lot of fun. I’m a little jealous I can’t pull off a lot of the stuff she wears. I wish I could wear a long maxi hippie skirt and make it look cool and effortless, but I can’t… I just feel extremely wide wearing it and I feel super short. Ohh well… Maybe I’m wearing the wrong skirts?! I’ll investigate this later… I did stumble upon a pic of Bilson leaving Sirius Radio Stations in NYC-  after her show with Regis & Kelly- wearing a simple white eyelet-holed…

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    ….i’m back and discovered yellow!

    i use the yellow crayon first by petite-stylist featuring striped handbags Mar Y Sol striped handbag£75 – fashion-conscience.com petite Oversized Baggy Tie Dress£59 – kandycollective.com Mikado£145 – pretty-small-shoes.com Brooch€4,95 – gemfrance.com Sooo… I’ve been away for a very long time. Where? I’m not too sure to be honest. Just out and about and discovering things, like, yellow! Seems to be the first colour I look at lately. I never used to give yellow a go. It has a bit to do with my worries of it looking bad on my skin tone. But, with the right hue of yellow, it can look very darling indeed. I find if I am more tanned this time of year (Aussie summer!!…

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    Sneak Peek

    Since moving back to Australia I have found that I have a lot of petite clothes of mine that I need to sell to make more closet space. I still really love them, but I’m afraid it’s time we part. These are just a few of the petite dresses/ cocktail dresses that will be going up for sale on my blog. Most have been worn once or twice, some are unworn (due to wrong size ordered). I have to sort out putting PayPal on this blog and it will be ready. I will be adding other styles shortly, including SHORTS, JEANS, SKIRTS, TOPS and a bit more…  Some accessories and maybe…

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    My Island Getaway

    While I was on my down time from doing blogging and stuff, I managed to have a little island getaway in the southern part of Philippines… Boracay. Unfortunately, the weather was not always beautiful like the in postcards, it rained, it poured. I was completely soaked in a white dress, so I ran to the nearest market stall and picked up this dress for 200 peso, equivalent to around $4.50. That made me really happy! market stall dress 200p hat from accessorize J.L x