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    Petite Celebrity Style: Mila Kunis, Then & Now

    We all have to start somewhere and for the then-young petite tween, Mila Kunis, she definitely started from the bottom up in terms of her style. Spotted at one of her first red carpet events, Mila is all fresh-faced and in a printed slip dress and gold choker necklace doesn’t make one miss the 90’s. From then to now, her style has turned to sophisticated, refined and so on trend. Wearing designers like Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen and Vera Wang, this scarlet sure knows now how to work the red carpet style. Not sure how often  you wear a gown or attend red carpet events, however, here are some  of…

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    Petite Fashion Challenge # 17: Candy Colorized

    I am a little excited as this is my first time participating in a Petite Fashion Challenge. I still remember when these petite fashion challenges first began, but I never got around to joining in on all the petite fashion fun. So, here’s my first go… The Petite Fashion Challenge this month was hosted by the lovely petite fashionista, SewPetiteGal. The challenge was this: Take a bowl full of colourful candies, close your eyes, and draw 2-3 pieces.  Now use those colours (+ a neutral of your choosing) to form the basis for your ensemble. My two main colours were light green and purple. I used a minty green blouse and…

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    Petite & Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian

    (images FameFlyNet.uk.com, MAP / Splash News)   A radiant Kourtney Kardashian steps out with a full belly and fast-growing Mason on hand. I think she’s looking gorgeous in this billowing black maxi dress with a pop of neon/hot pink blazer and minimal accessories. I’m also glad to see her wearing flats following her near-fall accident back in April wearing her black Louboutins. This petite celeb is perhaps my favourite of the Kardashian sisters, not only because she’s the smallest at 5’0″ (Kim is 5’2″ and Khloe is 5’10”), but she definitely knows how to rock an effortlessly chic look and rarely goes OTT. Love! Ps: How adorable is Mason Disick!…

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    Forever 21 Coral Sweater

    During the week I stepped out and embraced the glorious Queensland winter weather. Clear blue skies, crisp sweet air and sunshine. Outings these days rarely exclude a stop over at my new-found favourite cafe for an extremely worthy cappuccino from Brother. Mmm… It was the first time I wore my Forever 21 sweater out to coffee. This is a size S which I found to be a little big in the shoulders. With this looseness up top, I roll up the sleeves to make it look a little less saggy around the arms- It also helps keep the sleeves in place. I love the white collar printed onto the vibrant…

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    Petites I Meet: Lena Update

    I just wanted to show you guys a pic of Lena wearing a dress from her favourite store, OJAY. As you can see it fits her perfectly and although the design is meant for the dress to be sitting perhaps above the knee, it sits nicely below the knee on petite Lena making it an appropriate length for work. Just gorgeous! If you like this dress, you will find similar here. Like the ‘Autumn Leaves Cap Sleeve Dress‘. J.L x

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    Petite Review: Beginning Boutique

    I could not resist the temptation of ordering online at Beginning Boutique. It’s a relatively new online store, which in the last year has gain momentum amongst Aussie ladies who love to online shop- people like me. It’s not quite ASOS in terms of range, but it’s definitely getting there. It was my first purchase with BB and I have to say, I am quite impressed. My parcel arrived in 2 days and arrived with a pretty BB postcard which was  handwritten by the lovely Kate who excels in customer service. So here’s how it went… Hot Pink Embellished Jumper The fit: (size S). As you can see, it was way…

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    Petite Coats for An Aussie Winter

    Australia is all behind when it comes to fashion, only because our seasons are half a year behind what seems to be the rest of the world. Not literally, but in terms of fashionable countries Oz is a little behind. When UK and the US are celebrating summer outfits, poor ole’ Australia still has to go through winter. Winter was my favourite when I lived in the UK. It was all about the layers, the coats, the scarfs, the felts fedora’s… the boots! Ah… winter boots from Pretty-Small-Shoes are the best. Anyways, Brisbane winter doesn’t get too cold. It’s currently 17 degrees (or thereabouts) so there’s no need for puffy…

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    Petites I Meet: ‘Lena from Sweden’

    INTERVIEW WITH LENA: How tall are you? 5 feet. 150 cm What is the best thing about being petite? People say I’ small and cute, people find me very friendly and not scared of me. What is the worst thing about being petite? Not being able to reach things and not being able to buy clothes and shoes. What is the hardest outfit to find? Definitely pants! I’ve never bought a pair of pants I’ve never had to hem. My mum (who lives in Sweden) would usually hem pants for me or there’s an alterations place in city where I go. I really should learn to hem, as it’s really…

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    Petite Review: Black Milk Clothing

    The label, Black Milk,  first got my attention when I saw my friend raving on about her “awesome Black Milk leggings” on Facebook. It became hard to ignore. At first I thought they’d be way too crazy to wear, but the idea of crazy- soon appealed to me. I got my first pair earlier this week and I have already worn them out three times!! Are they ‘petite-friendly‘? I ordered a size Small… Because sadly, I’m no longer an Extra Small :(… (I blame holidays and winter food)… Plus, I don’t like it when elastic on the hips are so tight it reveals my muffin-top- Haha. The measurements of these…

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    Dannii Minogue, a Petite Fashionista

    black lace ‘petite’ dress asos I met Dannii! A few months ago I was in Perth hitting the clubs with a few girlfriends, when I noticed to my left was petite Aussie star, Dannii Minogue, dancing her little heart out – Bless! For those of you who don’t know, she’s Kylie Minogue‘s sister and she’s a big deal in Australia and in the UK. Currently working as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent and building up a fashion house- Project D, this petite mother of one manages to always look so trendy! She is currently on the front cover of Marie Claire magazine. Check out her behind-the-scenes cover shoot with…