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    Out Come the Burberry’s

    Most people don’t enjoy the rain. I bet you would, if your rain boots were as fun as mine. Loving the puddles in my Burberry Haymarket Check Rain Boots 🙂 rain boots – burberry white tee – miss shop denim cutoffs – bardot sunglasses – marc by marc jacobs necklace – lovisa

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    Petite Sandal Love

    One of the best moments in life for me is when I walk to the front door to see that the wonderful postman has left a brown boxed package. It is of course, a shipment from my favourite petite shoe store IN THE WORLD… Pretty-Small-Shoes! One of the new petite shoes I got was a pair of ‘Lopez‘ in size 34. I love the style, the strap over the toes and the tie-up laces by the ankles. They are made of really nice soft leather suede and very comfortable to wear. Today was a gorgeous summer Saturday – No better time to wear them! plain navy dress – sunnygirl black…

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    Neon + Leather for Petites

    Hello lovelies! Sorry – I know it has been a ridiculously long time since my last blog post. But you ought to know by now, I’m a bit seasonal like that. I have a great run, then I get side-tracked onto other projects. But hey, at least I seem to come back. 🙂 What’s new since September 2012? I’ve hardly gone shopping – Then saved $! There was Christmas and New Year Played by the beach and pool Got more tanned… Gadget-wise – The BF got me an iPad mini (How fitting for a petite? Love!!) OK, so I don’t have a good enough or busy enough schedule to excuse…

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    Petite Review – Black Milk Swimsuit

    Yay! So excited to get my Black Milk Clothing swimsuit in the mail. I purchased it during the ‘Sick Puppies’ release. If anyones ever witnessed the Black Milk releases, it’s insane. That count down and all the hype surrounding it just makes me want to whip my plastic card out – which I did! I got this swimsuit with skulls on it. I know, it sounds a little out-there, but it doesn’t have to look gothic. You can brighten it up by introducing colours. I wore it with some red high-waisted pleated shorts and some shimmery light gold flats. The swimsuit fits perfectly for me in a size S (small).…

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    Forever 21 Coral Sweater

    During the week I stepped out and embraced the glorious Queensland winter weather. Clear blue skies, crisp sweet air and sunshine. Outings these days rarely exclude a stop over at my new-found favourite cafe for an extremely worthy cappuccino from Brother. Mmm… It was the first time I wore my Forever 21 sweater out to coffee. This is a size S which I found to be a little big in the shoulders. With this looseness up top, I roll up the sleeves to make it look a little less saggy around the arms- It also helps keep the sleeves in place. I love the white collar printed onto the vibrant…

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    Petite Review: Black Milk Clothing

    The label, Black Milk,  first got my attention when I saw my friend raving on about her “awesome Black Milk leggings” on Facebook. It became hard to ignore. At first I thought they’d be way too crazy to wear, but the idea of crazy- soon appealed to me. I got my first pair earlier this week and I have already worn them out three times!! Are they ‘petite-friendly‘? I ordered a size Small… Because sadly, I’m no longer an Extra Small :(… (I blame holidays and winter food)… Plus, I don’t like it when elastic on the hips are so tight it reveals my muffin-top- Haha. The measurements of these…

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    Petite Holiday Outfit

    Holiday’s are the best, aren’t they? But it’s choosing the outfits to pack that can be a struggle. It’s comforting to know in some cases you can always buy the outfits at your holiday destination- I know it’s cheeky but sometimes I can’t help myself.  Hehehe. First thing to think about I guess would be, what are you packing for? In my case I packed for a tropical summer holiday to Leyte, Cebu and Boracay in the Philippines. Oh and did we holiday! When I was in Cebu I did a little bit of shopping at the Ayala mall and made a visit to Topshop! I went straight to the…

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    7/8 Pants

    I used to hate shopping for office work pants. too long. too wide. saggy butt. all around terrible fit. The list goes on and you know it… Thankfully I’ve discovered 7/8th length pants, which are in trend for taller ladies. Oh what a saviour! Although they’re meant to end 7/8th of the way down my legs, they fit nicely by my ankles and that’s all I care about. If you live in Australia and need a good place to buy work pants to fit petites, hit up Portmans Pant Bar.  Portmans is Australia’s answer to the UK’s Dorothy Perkins high st store, minus a petite range. So for the meantime, a…

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    Easy Petite Style, Rachel Bilson Inspired

    I’m not shy about the fact that I love the 5″2 Rachel Bilson, I think her style- the boho chic thing, is a lot of fun. I’m a little jealous I can’t pull off a lot of the stuff she wears. I wish I could wear a long maxi hippie skirt and make it look cool and effortless, but I can’t… I just feel extremely wide wearing it and I feel super short. Ohh well… Maybe I’m wearing the wrong skirts?! I’ll investigate this later… I did stumble upon a pic of Bilson leaving Sirius Radio Stations in NYC-  after her show with Regis & Kelly- wearing a simple white eyelet-holed…

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    Back From Outerspace

    Well, not really outerspace, but really Out Of Cyber Space! A few reasons really… One, felt a bit uninspired recently. I think it was because of the move back from London. I felt quite unsettled for the first couple of months. Second, I went on a family trip to the Philippines which was fantastic, but then soon after we all flew back again because my grandmother passed away. Quite sad. And third, I’m starting a little project with my mum. Yay! So now I’m back. One of the things I love about being back in my home town is going for a drive around rediscovering places. I found a lovely…