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    Intramuros, Manila

    As part of my holiday I made sure I took some time to learn some history of the Philippines. My family and I went to Intramuros the oldest part of Manila, known as the ‘walled city’ which was built by the Spaniards in the 16th century. There I learned about Jose Rizal, the Philippines national hero, who was falsely charged with rebellion, sedition and formation of illegal societies and was later executed. This year is the 150th anniversary of Jose Rizal’s life. Rizal statue in Luneta The cast of the Rizal play Sitting at Rizal’s table The below picture was taken as I walked along the top part of the…

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    Forever 21 + Pretty-Small-Shoes

    “We are now descending into Manila. The weather is cloudy with rain and 36 degrees with 100% HUMIDITY. We hope you enjoyed your flight with us and thank you for choosing Cathay Pacific.” Ah… It is indeed hot and sticky here in the Philippines. But I love it here! Meeting up with family, staying at a lovely hot-spring resort and shopping. OHH the shopping is great!! There are plenty of bargains and lots of brands. I’ve never been to Forever 21, so I was excited to see it in SM Makati. Found a few cute outfit pieces. I’m wearing a plain navy blue top tucked into floral print skirt, both…

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    Something Camel, Something Blue

    I got my new gorgeous camel wedges the other day thanks to Pretty-Small-Shoes, yay! So excited. I also found a very pretty vintage style dress from H&M which go great with the shoes. The shoes I got in a size euro 34 as it is open-toe. They feel quite tight at the moment however I think it might just be because of the humidity here in Aust. I think my feet went up half a size. Ah. The leather on these ‘Akira’ wedges are sooo soft, I love it. The dress from H&M is just a standard size 6 and fit my petite frame perfectly. Where the dress tightens at the…

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    Burberry Rain Boots

    In my last week in London, it didn’t rain at all. Perfect Spring weather. Bittersweet really, because I got these oh-so-fab Burberry wellies that I’ve been dying to wear. Now that I’ve been back in Queensland Australia it’s pretty much been raining all the time. Yay! (Fingers crossed no more flooding though, right!) My rainboots are a size euro 35 and fit me perfectly. I don’t need to wear thick socks as they are nice and snug already. The Asos crop T-shirt is a size 6 and is quite short so underneath I am wearing a plain black random singlet. I just searched Asos’ site and the top is still…

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    Welcome to Australia!

    So… I am here, in the Great Down Under. I have been keeping low key because, well… I felt a bit sad about missing London. Also, I was keeping low key because my boxes full of clothes and shoes hadn’t arrived until recently. I was living out of a near empty suitcase for 3 weeks. It was difficult. We opted to send via air-freight as opposed to cargo ship because that would have taken months and no girl wants to wait too long for their beloved clothes and shoes. When my things arrived everything was fine except for my favourite little black and white Topshop bag… I will need to…

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    Things I Love

    www.pretty-small-shoes.com SHOEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! Ah. These are my favourites from Pretty-Small-Shoes. I love wedges, love earthy tones, flats and heels. A girl can only dream of having every shoe… Unless you are Imelda Marcos or Mariah Carey who seem to have an endless collection.

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    The Very Pink Petite Skirt

    The packing is pretty much done… The boxes will be collected tomorrow and shipped to Australia. I had to part with A LOT of shoes. Lets hope we don’t have to be apart for too long. Yesterday, I was able to steal away some time to hang out in the park. I tried out my new skirt. Well actually, I think it is referred to as a ‘skort‘ because it is a mix between a skirt and shorts. Skort is a weird word, so I won’t use it. haha. It has this gorgeous BIG PINK BOW at the front. I love it! It fits perfectly in a size UK 6.…

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    Pretty Petite Lace And Layers

    We were going out for dinner and drinks after work the other day to celebrate our hard work and also it was the first day for the new girl so we needed to have a drink to that and welcome her. I knew that after work I wouldn’t have time to go home and get changed so I wore my evening dress underneath and layered on top. My ‘casual’ top layer was a thrifted denim button-up and a thrifted scarf. My shoes are a pair of Pretty-Small-Shoes boots called ‘Buffy’, my bag Topshop and my hat Sinequanone. For the evening outfit, well that was easy. I just took the top layers…

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    Tickled Papaya Pink

    You would have perhaps already noticed by now that I am quite a fan of Topshop petite items. For petites, it’s really hard to find clothes that fit right, let alone stylish. I really believe if you need a trendy up to date piece, you will ALWAYS find it there. The outfit I wore to work the other day, was a comfortable clash of red and papaya pink. My paper-bag style shorts are size UK 4. The fit fantastically around the waist, nice and fitted and the length is great, not too long and not too short. It’s also very soft! The blazer was a bargain I grabbed during the…

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    Spring Colours On A Rainy Day

    This winter in London seems to be dragging its feet. I feel as though its been winter since August last year. My petite legs have not seen any sun for so long, I’m getting worried of its pastiness! So, last Sunday I woke up with sun streaming through the room and I jumped up and started yelling for everyone to get up and get ready… We could not waste this precious sunlight… on a Sunday no less! I decided to dress up in celebration for sun and Spring. So I picked out my favourite colourful neck scarf and worked around the theme colours. I know, I’m dorky. It takes me…