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Neon + Leather for Petites

Hello lovelies!

Sorry – I know it has been a ridiculously long time since my last blog post. But you ought to know by now, I’m a bit seasonal like that. I have a great run, then I get side-tracked onto other projects. But hey, at least I seem to come back. 🙂

What’s new since September 2012?

  • I’ve hardly gone shopping – Then saved $!
  • There was Christmas and New Year
  • Played by the beach and pool
  • Got more tanned…
  • Gadget-wise – The BF got me an iPad mini (How fitting for a petite? Love!!)

OK, so I don’t have a good enough or busy enough schedule to excuse myself from updating my blog. But now I’ve got a couple of things lined up – Yay! And this is my first blog post for 2013!

The look I’m trying is… ‘Neon + Leather’.

This has been a look I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. But it has been too hot for leather. Alas, I was convinced by the Boxing Day sales to pick up a pair of Bardot leather high-waisted shorts. From $69.00 to just $35.00! It was a steal. I then picked up a $15.00 neon tee from Myer and accessorised accordingly.

I love how high-waisted-anythings are still in trend. They do many favours for the petite-framed-woman. 1. It accentuates your waist- giving you you more feminine figure (for those afraid of being mistaken for a 12 year old girl), 2. It lengthens your legs. And, 3. It can easily be worn with loose / ill-fitting tops.

For this ‘Neon + Leather’ look, my recommendations would be to go easy on the accessories. Keep it modern and minimal. The statement piece of the outfit, really is the neon and leather combination – it needs no big extras. If you over-accessorise, you run the risk of looking like you’re heading to a rock concert, as opposed to making it an everyday look. I’ve accessorised my outfit with a spiky neon and metallic necklace, a black leather and suede ‘Electric Baroque Mini Day’ bag from Mimco and gorgeous petite black-studded flats, from Pretty-Small-Shoes.

As it is a New Year, don’t be afraid to try  different looks! All it may need is one piece to bring an outfit from old & dated, to trendy.

J.L x

neon green top – miss shop
black leather shorts – bardot
studded black flats –
black leather + suede bag – mimco
spiky necklace & ring – lovisa
retro white watch –
sunglasses – marc for marc jacobs 



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