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Petite Style Adventures: One LBD, Two Styles

It starts with the basics. One little black dress. I added a pair of tights (because it was a little chilly) and some small sized black wedge ankle boots from Pretty-Small-Shoes.

These two looks I’m going to show you are completely different styles. One requires a bit of swagger and the other, well, is just safe but lovely. It’s so easy to change an entire look, everyone can do this!

black mini dress – temt
silicon jelly watch – TGI Found It
tights – pretty-small-shoes
wedge ankle boots – pretty-small-shoes
silver plated collar necklace – forever 21 

First Look: Animal Print
Where to wear it? Parties, the park, the movies, pizza dates

Change up the look by adding something bold like bright colours or animal prints.

I actually dug out this oversized-animal-printed-hoodie from the bottom of my closet. For obvious reasons, I thought I couldn’t get away with wearing something so out-there (I did after all pick this up from a random market in Hong Kong when I was about 18). But I thought my plain black outfit lacked a bit of excitement. And what’s more exciting than animal prints? Oh, maybe neon!

I didn’t over-accessorise with this outfit because I felt the prints were already quite heavy. So I kept it to a minimal with a silver plated collar necklace.

oversized-animal-print-hoodie – Hong Kong markets
sunnies – miu miu 

Second Look: The Double Breasted Vest
Where to wear it? Brunch, Lunch with the ladies, shopping, coffee dates

No, the manly type of vests. Something a little feminine but smart. The idea is to make it look like you went through all this effort of putting an outfit together, when in fact it’s only two pieces of clothing – Black dress and vest. Simple!

Go for a vest similar to this where you can tie it up at the waist or belt it. Make sure you don’t loose your figure amongst this second layer. Otherwise, they’d be no point to the look. It’s meant to be ladies-lunching-appropriate. 🙂

I used the same accessories and shoes but added a clutch for this look.

teal double breasted vest – forever 21
clutch – forever 21

There’s plenty of other ways to dress up a LBD, if you want to share your ideas, LET ME KNOW and I’LL TRY IT!

J.L x



  • andreea

    In the title you wrote LDB.
    It’s LBD. I like your style and I like the fact that you are petite like me.
    I was so embarrassed when I was young…Gosh, but now thx God that exist the high heels.
    XX ^_^

    • J.L

      Oh no! How embarassing – typo! I’ve fixed that now, thanks for pointing it out. It is midnight here in Australia, I must not be concentrating haha. Yay, thanks for your comment x

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