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Petite Fashion Challenge # 17: Candy Colorized

I am a little excited as this is my first time participating in a Petite Fashion Challenge. I still remember when these petite fashion challenges first began, but I never got around to joining in on all the petite fashion fun. So, here’s my first go…

The Petite Fashion Challenge this month was hosted by the lovely petite fashionista, SewPetiteGal.

The challenge was this: Take a bowl full of colourful candies, close your eyes, and draw 2-3 pieces.  Now use those colours (+ a neutral of your choosing) to form the basis for your ensemble.

My two main colours were light green and purple. I used a minty green blouse and lilac purple jeans for my first look. As they were both lighter tones, I decided the style for this was ‘pastel candy colours’.

I struggled to find more green and purple in my closet so I decided to just find other colourful outfits to piece together, just for fun! The second look was using a bright blue top and bright orange skirt. I referred to this as a ‘colour-block’ outfit as it really clashes, but in an exciting way. I layered the colour block outfit with an oversized cardigan to tone down the colours and balance it with black pumps – I don’t think this outfit could handle more colours.

My final outfit used green, however my jeans were hot pink with purple folds (not sure if this would count- lol). Anyways, I attempted to tie in all the colours like green, pink and purple using  a floral blazer with a black base. Again, I wore it with black pumps to balance out the top half.

‘Pastels’ Outfit
mint peter pan collar top temt
lilac jeans portmans
petite wedges pretty-small-shoes

‘Colour Block’ Outfit
blue collar top temt
bright orange skirt asos petite
oversized cardigan beginning boutique
black suede pumps pretty-small-shoes

‘Floral’ Outfit
green frill top forever 21
floral blazer beginning boutique
hot pink jeans topshop petite
black suede pumps pretty-small-shoes



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