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Petite Review: Beginning Boutique

I could not resist the temptation of ordering online at Beginning Boutique. It’s a relatively new online store, which in the last year has gain momentum amongst Aussie ladies who love to online shop- people like me. It’s not quite ASOS in terms of range, but it’s definitely getting there.

It was my first purchase with BB and I have to say, I am quite impressed. My parcel arrived in 2 days and arrived with a pretty BB postcard which was  handwritten by the lovely Kate who excels in customer service.

So here’s how it went…

Hot Pink Embellished Jumper
The fit: (size S). As you can see, it was way too big on me. It did not suit my petite frame. I have a feeling this style is meant to fit quite loose, however, I just didn’t feel comfortable- especially around the saggy shoulders. Unfortunately it doesn’t come in a size XS. Although the embellishment looked incredible, I felt it was a little too heavy for the fabric and caused the jumper to droop more.

Red Lace Halter
The fit: (size S) I didn’t realise it was a cropped top and in the picture online it was smartly tucked into the skirt. In theory it would have looked great on! However, with these types of tops with open backs, I’m conscious of the type of bra to wear – I hate the stick ons! So, for me… It wasn’t  a keeper. The fit however was good around the bust and sits well on neckline (sorry, no pic).

Cobalt Blue Peplum Dress
The fit: (size 6) I adore the style of this dress. But the fit around the arms was surprisingly too tight. I don’t often have this problem since I have small arms, but this bandage dress didn’t have much give. I am considering trying the next size up and hoping it would fit better on the arms. The length of the dress was good and it sat nicely on the shoulders.

Mustard Yellow Peplum Top
The Fit: (size 6) I love the peplum trend! And luckily for me, this one fitted great. It didn’t seem as tight as the Cobalt Blue Peplum dress. Sits great on the shoulders and the peplum skirting fans out just on the hips.

Currently, I have a credit note for three items from BB. I can’t wait to pick my exchanges- I have a feeling I’ll have better luck next time around 🙂

J.L x


  • Sarah

    I am so excited that you chose to review my store 🙂 I hope you find some items that fit you perfectly! The promotion top looks perfect and the same with the cobalt blue, its a shame about the fit on the arms! Have a great day xx Sarah

    • J.L

      Hi Sarah! Absolutely adore your store. It has become my new favourite online store to stalk 🙂 You guys are constantly growing and it’s exciting to see. Loving the styles! xx

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