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Petite Coats for An Aussie Winter

Australia is all behind when it comes to fashion, only because our seasons are half a year behind what seems to be the rest of the world. Not literally, but in terms of fashionable countries Oz is a little behind. When UK and the US are celebrating summer outfits, poor ole’ Australia still has to go through winter. Winter was my favourite when I lived in the UK. It was all about the layers, the coats, the scarfs, the felts fedora’s… the boots! Ah… winter boots from Pretty-Small-Shoes are the best.

Anyways, Brisbane winter doesn’t get too cold. It’s currently 17 degrees (or thereabouts) so there’s no need for puffy snow jackets. But what I do want are chic and pretty petite coats for work. Topshop online doesn’t have any but ASOS does. Unfortunately because I’m two seasons behind… There’s only a very limited selection left and not in my size (in coats I order a size UK 6, I hate it when coats are too big for my shoulders).

Hmmm… So what now? I’ve tweeted Grace (buyer at ASOS – petite section) to find out 🙂

J.L x

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