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Petites I Meet: ‘Lena from Sweden’


How tall are you?
5 feet. 150 cm

What is the best thing about being petite?
People say I’ small and cute, people find me very friendly and not scared of me.

What is the worst thing about being petite?
Not being able to reach things and not being able to buy clothes and shoes.

What is the hardest outfit to find?
Definitely pants! I’ve never bought a pair of pants I’ve never had to hem. My mum (who lives in Sweden) would usually hem pants for me or there’s an alterations place in city where I go. I really should learn to hem, as it’s really expensive here. But im horrible at sewing.

Is there an outfit that you find easy to wear?
Skirts. There are a lot short skirts out in fashion, but on me they’re not super short, so it’s great for work and everyday.

Where do you shop for clothes?
My favourite place is an Australian chain called OJAY. Their clothes have a very good fit. Especially the dresses. I wouldn’t say they make clothes that are great petite-wise, but they’re great Lena-wise. Their dresses fit like a dream, like they were custom made for me. I buy tops, dresses and skirts from there but havent bought pants for about 2 years. My mum doesn’t live in this country… So I won’t buy pants!

What size shoes do you wear and where do you buy them?
Size Aussie 3 (UK 1.5). I find flats good for work from Target in the kids section.

Would you say it’s hard to find petite-friendly stores?
Yes, it’s very hard. There aren’t any specialty stores here. I need to go to Europe and visit place in Italy and I would find better fit clothes. And the US was a great place to find petite clothes.

Who is your style icon?
Audrey Hepburn – I love the classic 50s and 60s style

J.L x


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