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Petite Review: Black Milk Clothing

The label, Black Milk,  first got my attention when I saw my friend raving on about her “awesome Black Milk leggings” on Facebook. It became hard to ignore. At first I thought they’d be way too crazy to wear, but the idea of crazy- soon appealed to me. I got my first pair earlier this week and I have already worn them out three times!!

Are they ‘petite-friendly‘?

I ordered a size Small… Because sadly, I’m no longer an Extra Small :(… (I blame holidays and winter food)… Plus, I don’t like it when elastic on the hips are so tight it reveals my muffin-top- Haha. The measurements of these ‘Galaxy Blue leggings’ in inches, are as follows:
Waist – 27.5Hips – 33Thigh – 22Calf – 13.4Ankle –  8.25 and Length – 35.

Everywhere fit quite well on me, except perhaps the length. Which I guess, shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since I’m quite short. From my hips to my ankles I measure 33 inches, so I had about 2 inches in extra length. Personally, I’m not too bothered about getting them altered- I like them looking a little scruffy.

Petite Styling Tips?

As these leggings already have a lot going on, I’d suggest keeping the rest simple. The easiest colour to wear it with… black! This way, the focus remains on the leggings and it doesn’t look OTT. You can dress them up or down, depending on your choice of footwear. My footwear of choice has always been Pretty-Small-Shoes. Petite flats for a casual look and powerful heels if you’re going out.

black tassel jacket – asos
sunglasses – miu miu
‘fatale’ shoes –  pretty-small-shoes
leggings – black milk
black silicon watch –  tgi found it

ps: I would also like to point out, that Black Milk Clothing is an Aussie label originating from Brisbane (my hometown) and now sells globally everyday. Was interviewed by NY Times during New York Fashion week (read it here!). It is currently collaborating with Jeffrey Campbell on a fabulous collection of printed shoes.


J.L x


  • Ally

    Hi! I was looking around for sizing reviews on the black milk leggings. I was wondering if you would share your measurements or at least help me out with an opinion. I am petite myself and my measurements fit under their XS but my hip fits into the M range at about 35~35.5in. I got advice to get S or XS and am still not sure which. I don’t want to have to return them since the international shipping would be a huge pain.

    • J.L

      Hi Ally! I’m also approximately 35 inches around the hips. I went for a size S and it fit quite well. I think size XS would have fit a little too tight for my liking. Good luck with your order and if you want, send in a picture of the fitting 🙂 x

      • LL

        I have the same problem as Ally. I’m 5’0″ and my measurements are XS except for my hips. I wanted to buy a swimsuit, but don’t know what size to get. Have you purchased one by chance because I would love your advice! Thanks. xx.

        • J.L

          Hey LL, Oh, i havent tried their swimsuits yet – im trying to own up to the cold and wear it proudly, but chicken out. it’s on my ‘mustbuy’ list. i’ll let you know though! By the sounds of it, you should try and go for size XS and give it a go. BM swimsuits would stretch well, so wouldn’t stress about the hips. xx

  • yean

    my measurements fall under their s except for my hips, I might get a m size. I wanted their st.peter cross one but they only have xs and s 🙁 so I ended up getting a rip off version from lucyinthesky. so right now from black milk I’m thinking about either getting the cathedral one or the red pyramid one.

    • J.L

      Hey Yean! Aww… So you didn’t want to end up trying the size S? What’s your measurements and are you also petite in height? Do you mean Lucy In The Sky by Lily Allen? If so, didn’t know she was doing versions of BM. I pretty much like all of BMs stuff – let me know which you pick. Facebook me 🙂 x

      • yean

        I’m 5’5” and my hips are around 35”. Ended up getting the st.peter cross leggings in s (last one! breath in breath out!) and the cathedral one in m. Argh my bank account.
        I received the lucyinthesky one today and I must say while it’s comfy and looks kinda cute i feel like i can get something like it for maybe 10 dollars? 🙁 since i’ve already worn it n cut off the tags i couldn’t return it. I guess I’ll keep it as a reminder to NEVER buy something just because it’s cheap.
        this is the one i got:
        oh and i liked your page 😀

        • J.L

          Hi!! Aww thanks for the like 🙂 I love those St Peter X ones too. I considered the XS, but I just know it’ll be a little too tight for my liking haha. So I might wait for the S. When you get your BM St Peter X leggings, let me know how the fit goes! x

          • yean

            since bm is still recovering from the return of the cling craze they haven’t shipped out my order and i asked them if they could change my m size cathedrals to a s size as i’m a bit worried after seeing a lot girls similar to my size recommended to wear a s size. they don’t usually allow this but i could ask right :P? so today they replied me to apologize and granted my wish yes another reason to love black milk 😀

          • J.L

            Hello! Return of the Cling- lol, yeah guess they are still recovering. How nice is it that they granted your request, very cool of them! Hey let me know how the fit goes and if you wanted feel free to upload the pic to Petite Stylist FB page 🙂 x

    • J.L

      Hi Carla. I saw your leggings, they’re quite nice 🙂 However, a little dear for me I’m afraid. If you’re in Brisbane, I’d be happy to check them out. Let me know.

  • Ayla

    I bought some pink galaxy legings off black milk yesturday. I live in NSW so i was wondering if you know how long it took for the legings to arrive for you? And also i decided to buy a size s as most of my measurements were in the s range except for a few. im only 12 but im not petite im a gymnast so im pretty big built so im worried that they may not fit. Does black milk do returns? thanks <3

  • Laura

    Hi, I’m on the verge of buying some BM leggings but I’m between an S and M and I’m not sure if the S will be too tight or the M would be too big. My measurements are waist-28, hips-36, thigh-22, calf-14.5, ankle-8.5. Thanks ^_^

    • J.L

      Hi Laura! Sorry for the late reply. You and I have almost identical measurements. I would go for the size Small! I just received a package from BM this morning yaay. I just got some Sick Puppies =P. Let me know how you go! x

      • Laura

        Thanks for responding, and nice grab on the swimsuit! I ended up ordering before you got back to me, so I sized up just in case. Actually, the mediums fit perfect, so perhaps my weight factored in here as I really had to work to pull them up, especially the silver pyramids, but they are all super comfy! I also got the mechanical and liquid blacks. I’d be back again and again if it weren’t for the super hefty duty I had to pay to bring them into Canada, but it was definitely worth it!

        • J.L

          Hi Laura,

          i’m happy to hear you made the right decision in sizing. It can be tricky on the first order. BM leggings have such good quality material. Best I’ve ever encountered for leggings. Your collection of BM leggings sound amazing! Take photos!
          Lucky for me, BM is located in the city I live in – so, I’ve actually gone to the premises 🙂 But yes, it is still worth the duty and if I were overseas I’d still get it. Love online shopping! x

        • Beth

          Hi Laura,
          This may be way too late – but what did you end up spending in duties? I’m interested in ordering a pair or two of leggings but can’t afford a huge surprise on duty.
          And who did they ship with??
          Thanks tons!

        • Jen

          Hi Laura,
          I’m also interested in what the duty was for getting BM products into Canada. Really want to order a few things, but might have to save up a while longer if the duty is way over the top…

  • Jess

    So I am so torn between an XS and a S…my waist is around 26, hips 32, and thigh 21, so I’m almost right in between sizes…am I better off sizing down or up? I don’t want them to be too big, but then again I hate it when the waist cuts in. Thoughts?!

    • J.L

      Hi Jess,

      Thanks for your comment. When it comes BM sizing, I would size up. The blend of spandex + polyester material they use is really good quality. It’s not flimsy material so it would keep its elasticity for a long time as opposed to cheap leggings which would loosen in time. I’ve ordered a S and it fits really good on me. 🙂 Also with the cut of the leggings, I don’t find that it cuts into the waist at all. Sits nicely above my ‘muffin-top’ and holds everything together =P I hope this helps. x

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