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Petite Peplum, Lady Gaga-Style

When it comes to all sorts of trends you can always rely on petite super-celeb, Lady Gaga, to take it a step further. Or a million steps.

Take for example in this case, the ‘peplum’. Our petite style queen, Lady Gaga, wears the exaggerated shoulders with a wide-fanned-out peplum detail top – not to mention she gets away with wearing no pants, like, all the time! (when would it be OK for me??) – while all us regular fashionistas would opt for something a little more subtle, pretty and wearable – Like the petite peplum skirt on Asos.

Although I wouldn’t spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a top that would make me feel like a futuristic space cadet, I’d still have to admit… It’s a lot more exciting to see Lady Gaga’s take on the ‘peplum’ trend. Just get some pants Lady!!

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