Fierce Fashion or Just Plain Weird?

When it comes to fancy footwear this has got to be one of the weirdest designs I’ve seen. It kinda creeps me out with the four protruding segments (the toes) and the black crystals as tallons on each. This is certainly taking ‘fierce fashion’ to a whole other level.

Soon it will be a trend to wear skirts with an attached tail- Just saying. Then again if you can afford the £4,000 price tag (it’s guessed to be about) or you’re a celebrity who’s told what to wear and have no regrets and don’t care if you won’t ever wear them again, then I guess why not? Actually there are several reasons why not:

– It’s creepy, off putting and just looks plain ugly and definitely NOT sexy.

– Gives the impression of big fat toes and at that, only 4 of them!

– The novelty will wear off and you’d be stuck with a pair of very expensive ugly pair of heels

– Normal people just can’t get away with this look and celebrities might not be forgiven

Style queens of the urban jungle, Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively, have both been spotted wearing Christian Louboutin’s latest creation. Which, by the way are called ‘Alex’, which could or could not be inspired by the lion named Alex in the movie Madagascar- which is also a bit weird.

Who knows, maybe I’ll follow the pride and learn to like them but for now, no round of app-paws from me!

J.L xx

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