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Easy Petite Style, Rachel Bilson Inspired

I’m not shy about the fact that I love the 5″2 Rachel Bilson, I think her style- the boho chic thing, is a lot of fun. I’m a little jealous I can’t pull off a lot of the stuff she wears. I wish I could wear a long maxi hippie skirt and make it look cool and effortless, but I can’t… I just feel extremely wide wearing it and I feel super short. Ohh well… Maybe I’m wearing the wrong skirts?! I’ll investigate this later…

I did stumble upon a pic of Bilson leaving Sirius Radio Stations in NYC-  after her show with Regis & Kelly- wearing a simple white eyelet-holed dress and a chic salmon coloured blazer. Now this I can wear and have in my closet!

I was in Southbank for dinner last night and wore my recycled old white eyelet-holed dress (which I think I’ve had since grade 11!) and matched it with my Topshop salmon blazer and paired my black MNG bag and black Pretty-Small-Shoe petite flats.

Without the blazer the outfit would look too summery and more suitable for day time outings, but with the salmon pink blazer, it makes it a classy girly look! 🙂 My white dress fans out from under the bust line, which you have to be careful with because it can make you look a bit bloated and also make your torso look really short. So I’d advise petites to try and find the dress that tightens at the waist instead.

So anyways, there you go… A very easy Rachel Bilson inspired look!

J.L xxx


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