….i’m back and discovered yellow!

i use the yellow crayon first

Mar Y Sol striped handbag
£75 –

petite Oversized Baggy Tie Dress
£59 –

£145 –

€4,95 –

Sooo… I’ve been away for a very long time. Where? I’m not too sure to be honest. Just out and about and discovering things, like, yellow! Seems to be the first colour I look at lately. I never used to give yellow a go. It has a bit to do with my worries of it looking bad on my skin tone. But, with the right hue of yellow, it can look very darling indeed. I find if I am more tanned this time of year (Aussie summer!! hot!!) then a paler yellow looks amazing on! If it’s a yellow dress, you can try the colour block thing and add a thin orange belt or even pink for maximum effect.

I have a pair of extremely pretty petite yellow shoes sitting on my desk, which I haven’t worn yet but I’m dying to take them out. I’ll take a picture when I’m home for you all to see. I might ask some thoughts on what you think it can go with. It’s very Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex & The City!). There are a pair of wedge from Pretty-Small-Shoes that I have been eyeing off called Mikado. They would be perfect for the Aussie summer.

J.L x

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