Petite Clothing

Sneak Peek

Since moving back to Australia I have found that I have a lot of petite clothes of mine that I need to sell to make more closet space. I still really love them, but I’m afraid it’s time we part.

These are just a few of the petite dresses/ cocktail dresses that will be going up for sale on my blog. Most have been worn once or twice, some are unworn (due to wrong size ordered). I have to sort out putting PayPal on this blog and it will be ready.

I will be adding other styles shortly, including SHORTS, JEANS, SKIRTS, TOPS and a bit more…  Some accessories and maybe PETITE SHOES (very hard to part with shoes… haha!)

Some of you have already contacted me via email So yes! Keep the emails coming if you have any other enquiries or if you spot something you want now.

(details on clothes will be posted at a later date once PayPal is sorted, otherwise email me at if you have any questions)

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