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Back From Outerspace

Well, not really outerspace, but really Out Of Cyber Space! A few reasons really… One, felt a bit uninspired recently. I think it was because of the move back from London. I felt quite unsettled for the first couple of months. Second, I went on a family trip to the Philippines which was fantastic, but then soon after we all flew back again because my grandmother passed away. Quite sad. And third, I’m starting a little project with my mum. Yay! So now I’m back.

One of the things I love about being back in my home town is going for a drive around rediscovering places. I found a lovely little cafe in the Valley that had fantastic coffee and then paid a visit to New Farm Park to hang out and enjoy the beautiful 23 degree Aussie winter weather. Don’t ya love it!

petite cream lace dress, topshop
‘hi-ka’ black boots, pretty-small-shoes
vintage style bag, markets
vintage belt, camden markets



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