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Benefits Of Having A Petite Mum

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty happy to be petite and there’s another small lady in my life who experiences the joys of petiteness… my mum (4’11” too!). She’s a great friend who no matter what is always there for me. Yeah yeah… I know… Lucky me, huh! 🙂 But besides the obvious gloriousness of mother-daughter relationships she also shares something special with me, the need for petite fashion!

From time to time I raid her closet for clothes/shoes/bags  I can borrow. I also find her taking stuff from my closet too hehe. Yesterday I found shoes I’ve sent her as presents over the last two years. She’s holidaying overseas at the moment, so yesterday I took a pair out to enjoy the sunshine, these are Tribeca Black from Pretty-Small-Shoes. I’d been staring at them in the shoe closet for a while, so finally on my feet they went. They’re very comfortable and the super long laces make my feet feel very supportive. Also the leather is a very soft cow leather on the outside and soft pig leather in the inside. The leggings, ‘Leopard Pattern Leggings‘,  I’m wearing are also from Pretty-Small-Shoes. I think they pretty awesome with bits of glitter in the sun 🙂

Leopard Pattern Leggings‘, Pretty-Small-Shoes
Tribeca Black‘ shoes, Pretty-Small-Shoes

The benefits of having a petite mum according to me:

  • Her collection of old petite clothes
  • Her small little shoe collection
  • We trade clothes/shoes
  • We share clothes/shoes
  • People think we are sisters (lol)
  • Neither of us feel small next to each other
  • We share foot stools at home for cupboard reaching purposes
  • We shop in the same area
  • We understand petite fitting
  • Hugging is easy
  • I love her!

J.L x



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