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The Very Pink Petite Skirt

The packing is pretty much done… The boxes will be collected tomorrow and shipped to Australia. I had to part with A LOT of shoes. Lets hope we don’t have to be apart for too long.

Yesterday, I was able to steal away some time to hang out in the park. I tried out my new skirt. Well actually, I think it is referred to as a ‘skort‘ because it is a mix between a skirt and shorts. Skort is a weird word, so I won’t use it. haha. It has this gorgeous BIG PINK BOW at the front. I love it! It fits perfectly in a size UK 6. This skirt is from a new petite clothing company. The name? I will have to tell you when they launch, which should be in the next few weeks! I have just checked out a few of their samples and all you petite ladies will be in for a treat from this new store. Please wait patiently, it’s worth it!

The tights I got from Asos are just so cool! I love the black line running along the back, I think it gives the illusion of longer legs (well, I hope so!). It features the word ‘LOVE’ with a little bow on it. My suede wedge boots ‘Swedge‘ are from Pretty-Small-Shoes. They are so comfortable to walk it and fit me perfectly in a size euro 34. I love pairing these shoes with these tights.

topshop bodysuit
pink skirt (to be mentioned later)
asos ‘love’ tights
pretty-small-shoes ‘swedge’ booties

I’ve got to go bake a cake now! Bye!

J.L x


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