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A Petite In Oxford

In an effort to try and see as much as possible in the UK before jetting off back home to Australia, my friends and I drove to Oxford to hang out for the day. It was a beautiful partly sunny day, however, still very chilly. The town and university was so pretty!

Throughout the day I would check out the clothes people were wearing and guess which of them attended Oxford University. Some were truly obvious with their forest green sweaters and checkered shirts, polo shirts, beige trousers or navy skirts and they carried a sort of confidence that comes with someone who knows they’re really smart. It made me giggle because they dressed like the stereotypes that I’ve seen in American films. It was awesome to know that some really dress like that! Oh and pretty much every student commutes on a bicycle, brilliant! My bf purchased me a little one made out of wire from a lovely man in a stall.

I wore my new favourite suede boots called ‘Mellow’ which I got from my favourite small shoe retailer Pretty-Small-Shoes. I knew we would be walking around a lot so I opted for these boots which have a small 6cm heel. It was incredibly comfortable and I lasted all day in them. The perfect thing about these petite boots is I got them made especially with my leg measurements at no extra cost. This is great because I usually have a bit of trouble fitting my calves into tall boots. All I needed to do is choose the style of boot I wanted, the colour, the heel height and provide them with my calf measurements and my leg height (from heel to where the boot will end). The heels are wooden and the outer boot is a soft suede leather. I usually wear a size 34 (uk 2) in high heels from Pretty-Small-Shoes, but with boots I prefer a size 34.5 (uk 2.5) as it provides a bit of extra space for socks and tights.

thrifted beanie
Pull & Bear cardigan
Topshop petite black jeans
Pretty-Small-Shoes grey suede boots- ‘Mellow’

My size XS longish knitted cardigan was perfect for yesterdays weather as the faux fur on the collar kept me pretty warm and cosy. I usually opt for clothes with some sort of belt especially with winter outfits because it is easy for your shape to get lost in all the layers of clothing so I was happy with this tie-up belt. The only thing about this Pull & Bear cardigan which I wasn’t fond of is when you walk the cardigan rides up and buckles. Very annoying. Other than that, the rest of my petite outfit was pretty comfortable and I was happy being a wandering tourist.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

J.L x


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