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Oversized Tee (for petites) With A Purple Splash

Lately I’ve found myself wearing a lot of the following colours; camel, mauve (like a pinkish mauve) and taupe. Felt a bit la-dee-da… so naturally I got bored. So of course I had to start introducing brighter colours into my life. Hello bright purple! I found this fabulous scarf whilst doing a spot of vintage shopping at Camden Markets. It actually was a toss up between a vintage Givenchy neck scarf (£35.00 – I would have bargained lower!) or this £3.00 bundle of brightness. How could I say no? Although I may return for that designer vintage one too!

Taken tonight before going out to dinner with my petite friends Steph and Kate

Oversized wine coloured Asos shirt
Topshop black bandage skirt
black stockings and shoes from Pretty-Small-Shoes
New Look beanie
Vintage scarf

'Cello-Wedge' from Pretty-Small-Shoes

A tip for petites wearing an oversized shirt is to wear heels or higher shoes (if possible). It would give your outfit a good balance- dress it up a bit. It is very hard for petite frames to carry off a oversized shirt without looking like you’re drowning in it, so extra height helps. Also, make sure you wear something a little bit tighter for the lower half, such as leggings, tube skirt with stockings or skinny jeans. For a bit of lady shape (lol), add a skinny belt around your waist. Or if you prefer a bit of an androgynous look, let the shirt sag. I chose a bright scarf to balance out the dark clothing and give it a bit of a girly touch!

Have a bright day!

J.L x


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