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Petite-friendly black sheer maxi skirt DIY project

So I was going through my usual hit and I came across this black sheer maxi skirt. I fell in love. I instantly thought thought of my Jil Sander inspiration of a simple white tee tucked into the fluorescent maxi shirt. Jil Sander convinced me to get a maxi. Didn’t get a fluoro pink, yet, but really liked this black sheer maxi by Miss Selfridge.

Chanel Iman wearing Jil Sander; Miss Selfridge Maxi skirt £45; Miss Selfridge Maxi skirt £45

So I went for a little look around to see if I could find a little cheaper. Success! I went onto Asos and found a black sheer maxi for only £15.00. However, the inside material was long and not quite petite-friendly. I decided it needed a little tweaking…

Asos black sheer maxi 'before'
Asos black sheer maxi 'before'

Then got my trusty Sew and Save box, pinned the skirt, cut the skirt… then voila!

'Sew and Save' from Urban Outfitters
'After' alteration

As a petite you want to make your legs look as long as possible. The great thing about this skirt once it is cut, is it gives the effect of having longer legs whilst still having the long sheer layer. I’m wearing them with my black suede Pretty-Small-Shoes.

J.L x


  • Greer

    You don’t happen to know or be able to give me some tips on how to actually diy the Jil Sander maxi skirt do you? I really like that fluoro pink one of hers so I went ahead and bought the fabric (as I can not afford a Jil Sander one!) and then realised I have no idea how to go about making the skirt. Any help would be great!

    Thank you :}

    • J.L

      Hello! Thanks for the comment. Sorry, I haven’t made this style of Jil Sander skirt from scratch, I used an Asos skirt and trimmed the inner layer. The Jil Sander skirt was my inspiration. Sorry about that, good luck! Send a picture if you do end up making one. 🙂

      J.L x

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