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    Out Come the Burberry’s

    Most people don’t enjoy the rain. I bet you would, if your rain boots were as fun as mine. Loving the puddles in my Burberry Haymarket Check Rain Boots 🙂 rain boots – burberry white tee – miss shop denim cutoffs – bardot sunglasses – marc by marc jacobs necklace – lovisa

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    Petite Sandal Love

    One of the best moments in life for me is when I walk to the front door to see that the wonderful postman has left a brown boxed package. It is of course, a shipment from my favourite petite shoe store IN THE WORLD… Pretty-Small-Shoes! One of the new petite shoes I got was a pair of ‘Lopez‘ in size 34. I love the style, the strap over the toes and the tie-up laces by the ankles. They are made of really nice soft leather suede and very comfortable to wear. Today was a gorgeous summer Saturday – No better time to wear them! plain navy dress – sunnygirl black…

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    Thigh Splits + Mimco Yellow

    My boyfriends car had a broken air compressor. We had no air con in the house and it’s swelteringly hot here in the Southern Hemisphere. So what to do on hot summer days? Lay under a tree with a good book or magazine and enjoy the breeze by the river banks. That is exactly what I did on this particular day at New Farm Park. Followed up by some lovely iced coffees on James St and randomly bumping into friends. On hot days… Must. Wear. Breathable. Cotton. I’m wearing a loose plain lilac tank tucked into a thigh-high split black skirt – Extra breathable! I’ve accessorised with a white vintage…

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    Petite Celebrities at the 2013 Golden Globes

    What an amazing night of style, glamour and talent! The Golden Globes is possibly one of my favourite events of the year where you get to see celebrity after celebrity out showing of their designer outfits. I do love it. “Who are you wearing tonight ? – ”  Responses would range from; “Chanel Couture”, “Miu Miu”, “Givenchy”, “Tom Ford”, “Dior”… The petite celebrities seem to be following a colour trend of nude, at this years Golden Globes and trends such a fishtail gowns and thigh-high splits made appearances. Stand out for me was Amy Adams (5’4″) in the gorgeous Marchesa fishtail gown, Kerry Washington (5’4″ in her nude bejewelled Miu…

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    Neon + Leather for Petites

    Hello lovelies! Sorry – I know it has been a ridiculously long time since my last blog post. But you ought to know by now, I’m a bit seasonal like that. I have a great run, then I get side-tracked onto other projects. But hey, at least I seem to come back. 🙂 What’s new since September 2012? I’ve hardly gone shopping – Then saved $! There was Christmas and New Year Played by the beach and pool Got more tanned… Gadget-wise – The BF got me an iPad mini (How fitting for a petite? Love!!) OK, so I don’t have a good enough or busy enough schedule to excuse…

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    Petite Review – Black Milk Swimsuit

    Yay! So excited to get my Black Milk Clothing swimsuit in the mail. I purchased it during the ‘Sick Puppies’ release. If anyones ever witnessed the Black Milk releases, it’s insane. That count down and all the hype surrounding it just makes me want to whip my plastic card out – which I did! I got this swimsuit with skulls on it. I know, it sounds a little out-there, but it doesn’t have to look gothic. You can brighten it up by introducing colours. I wore it with some red high-waisted pleated shorts and some shimmery light gold flats. The swimsuit fits perfectly for me in a size S (small).…

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    Petite Review: Petite Miss Selfridge Blue Maxi

    Some of you may have taken note of my Facebook post regarding a “few Miss Selfridge goodies”. Well, here is one of them (Yay! But sorry it took a while to post) – My petite turquoise maxi dress from Miss Selfridge. Standing at 4″11′, I find it super hard to find a maxi dress with the correct length. If I am lucky enough to find a dress designed to graze the shins of ‘regular sized’ women, I’d get that. But it’s rare to find. Another option is to go to Targets’ kids section and find a simple style maxi dress. One that it not noticeably from the childrens side of the store…

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    Petite Style Adventures: One LBD, Two Styles

    It starts with the basics. One little black dress. I added a pair of tights (because it was a little chilly) and some small sized black wedge ankle boots from Pretty-Small-Shoes. These two looks I’m going to show you are completely different styles. One requires a bit of swagger and the other, well, is just safe but lovely. It’s so easy to change an entire look, everyone can do this! black mini dress – temt silicon jelly watch – TGI Found It tights – pretty-small-shoes wedge ankle boots – pretty-small-shoes silver plated collar necklace – forever 21  First Look: Animal Print Where to wear it? Parties, the park, the movies, pizza…